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Lawn Aeration | Core Aerating Service

we provide lawn aeration, also known as lawn core aeration, services

your lawn could use a breath of fresh air and a drink of water

Often when we look at a lawn that’s not doing well, we see that compaction is a part of the problem. Regular irrigation or even consistent foot traffic can compact the soil, making it harder for turf grass roots to do their job.

Your lawn’s roots don’t get the oxygen and water they need to thrive. Deep roots and uncompacted soil mean efficient processing of water, oxygen, and nutrients, which leads to a lush, healthy lawn.

If it appears your lawn is suffering from compaction, M&M Lawncare and Landscape will recommend core aeration. It’s a simple process in which we run a core aerator across your lawn. The core aerator removes plugs of soil and reduces compaction. Core aeration works best when followed by lawn overseeding and our lawn fertilization program. Contact us today to learn more.

lawn aeration process

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